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CAM STUDIO is the most reliable wedding photography studio in Lahore. we have more than 7 years of experience in wedding photography. it is one of the largest and well known Photography studios in Lahore. Our work proves our creativity and skills. Hire us now with premium class wedding coverage at the best possible price.

“Professionalism is our culture and we do it more elegantly than anyone else.”

Every society has its own culture, celebration, joy and elation. Pakistan is a country with a rich culture and diversity which can be experienced in the rituals and ceremonies held at weddings. Weddings in Pakistan are a unique phenomenon and most excited and blissful event both for the bride and groom. Nikkah is a bond between two souls to stay together and never apart.

The memories which are collected are the treasure house and source of connecting generations with these everlasting memories. In this holy event, we are providing our best professional assistance to catch each and every minute of the events at the wedding candidly.
Marriages actually are not only seen as a union between two souls, but also an alliance between their respective families. As the wedding bells, families from both sides drove with cultural ceremonies as pre-wedding rituals Mayun, Mehndi, Sangeet Night, Wedding Eve Reception, Barat, Nikkah & sendoff (rukhsati) We are with them to capture every moment of the day.



Pakistan’s Best Wedding Photographers

Cam studio is there to share these candid moments with you to create a history and to transfer this same legacy to the next generations. We believe in relentless originality, vigour & real chirpiness. To create chemistry in all we need to build a story. Pakistani culture attracts people around the globe. It would be an excellent idea to organize a wedding in the oriental style, using traditional attire & ways. The reception is another grand gala or affair, the expressions and the frame of mind makes such a huge difference. So for all future couples, come prepared, stay relaxed, try to look at each other, be natural, and give each other your best smiles from which the feelings reflect eventually. We capture the grandeur from the little and ordinary instants which are neglected but captured by our smart camera. We love to arrest love and life from the happiest moments of your life. Wedding held a series of exciting events, we are at our best to hold these memories honestly and gently. Your trust is our satisfaction. So, keep your trust go on as the wedding bells with excitement and love! We have worked extensively on all the occasions of the wedding to bring best outcomes and hard work always bear fruit in the form of joy and satisfaction of our clients, it is the client’s happiness that we look to be rewarded with. We are worthy to be acknowledged as the best in the work in esteemed platforms, on more than one events. Our services begin from covering the wedding proceedings as pre-wedding rituals Mayun, Mehndi, Sangeet Night, Wedding Eve Reception, Barat, Nikkah & sendoff (rukhsati). We provide professional and flawless services at a reasonable cost. We have different packages with a fixed amount for our customers. We feel pleasure in providing you with the facilities that are a perfect complement to our style of photography. We equally admire stirring images as much as we love stills. We make a collage of all those memorable moments that no one wants to ignore. What is the best part of the weddings shoot which is striking most is no one but every moment from which we move on with the pleasure of our newlywed couple and their families? Every story is unique in itself .we care everyone who trusts us and allow us to have with them at their best times. Wedding photography has earned great popularity and has become a top priority for capturing all the significant events including pre-wedding photography, wedding & post-wedding festivities. To choose the right person to confine these moments into a camera lens to keep a record of the flashes to make memories to adorn your walls and bedside table!





This is the first ceremony which is held eight to ten days ago before the real marriage. Uptan is applied over the bride and then other family members become part of it including friend, family, cousins, sisters and brothers. We here to capture the exquisite moments of Mayun deliberately.

Mehndi & Sangeet Night

It is a night where every eye gleamed with joy and ecstasy. Families from both sides show emblem and gather to apply rituals. This is called a colourful night with dance and Halla Gulla. Today Mehndi event is the most popular event and it is well planned and thematic. So, at this event, we love to capture you in our camera to give you memory with a long-lasting impression.

Wedding Eve Reception Photography

Every smile is engraved, every second is coated with endless joy on this day. It is an event when emotions are on the peak and the bride is ready to take her send-off after crossing all the activities of this gala event. Our professional photography and teamwork are at peak on this day to give the best coverage to the event end make this event memorable and long-lasting.

Nikkah & sendoff (rukhsati)

Nikkah and send off (rukhsati) is the most significant and emotional part of the wedding. We know the value of these moments and we try to cage every tear and sob artistically and skillfully.

Barat Photography

Last but not least Barat is also a special event from groom side to homage bride and her family to make an official announcement of tier real-time bond. Our photographer is there to transform this event into a gallery of your joyous memories in heart to heart.



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