Wedding cinematography is a new modified term used instead of videography. It is becoming more popular as it records breathtaking moments from your wedding and turns it
into a movie. Our skilled videographers make your wedding shots look cinematic, adding interesting music while featuring it into a story line. Wedding Cinematography is much
more different than classic Wedding Videography. Wedding Cinematography is an art the cinematographer makes a full film. He makes research, use very special equipment like (aerial photo, HD or 4k cameras etc), directs the wedding with a unique story line in every couple.. The wedding films you see on our blog and website are all shot with a cinematic wedding style.The Wedding Videographers are more like journalists they just capture the moments and mix the images or videos with music and text. The storylines of true wedding filmmakers are surprising, varied, dynamic and full of emotion. All of us have watched a long, boring wedding video of our parents.

How to choose Wedding videographer


There are many Cinematic Wedding Videographer around the world, how do you choose the best? How do you know who’s good and who’s not?

Watch carefully previous wedding videos, a great Cinematographer have experience in the filmmaking industry. Ask for an appointment live or over Skype for a dialogue and see your communication.


Weddings bring family and friends together unlike any other event, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the event to its fullest and make it memorable. It is only natural to want to capture every single moment on film or pictures, from the couple’s entrance all the way to the dinner and rukhsati. Cam Studio offers expert professional cinematographers to capture it all at cost-effective rates.

Kam Kaj lets you hire trustworthy and reliable wedding videographers from the comforts of home. To do this, simply visit the Cam Studio website and get yourself registered. Then;

  1. Choose Wedding Videography,

  2. Tell us the time and place where you’d like our videographers to come,

  3. Cam Studio will then call shortly to confirm your booking’s details

You can also choose to fill our quick form or call us for a personalized solution

Wedding Cinematography In Pakistan

The Pakistani weddings are great affairs provided you are blessed with infinite patience. Even better if you are not weighed down with mundane matters such as earning a living or living a life.

It should be noted at the outset that in Pakistan the groom, whether 26 or 66 years old, is always referred to as the ‘boy’, and the bride as the ‘girl’ (no questions asked). We are miles ahead of the west in our crusade against ageism.

The Pakistani wedding broadly consists of mayonmehndinikaahbaraat and valima; with mehndibaraat and valima warranting separate events on separate days. (The mayon may be preceded or followed by one or more dholki events, consisting mainly of dancing and singing.) Friends and close relatives are invited to, and expected to attend, all major events. This format is adhered to surprisingly invariably even though the only strictly necessary part is the nikaah – the official contract of marriage – with everything else merely being cultural or traditional. Also, this format is here to stay, for the parties getting married and their parents will likely continue to struggle to come to terms with the fact that the event is of less cosmic importance than they think.n mayon, oil and turmeric are applied to the bride’s face and hands to make her look pale and bland; she is also made to wear yellow – all this designed to make her look especially attractive and glowing on the day of the mehndi (in some cases this transformation is reserved for the baraat). It used to be solely a girl’s event but in our enlightened new world it is gender-neutral now, although it’s difficult to visualise how oil can make most men blander than they otherwise are. The guests are served chicken.

Type Of Cinematic Shots

Cinematic videography/editing is defined as a ‘filmy’ look.  This style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music.  It has that ‘wow’ factor to tell your story in a unique way.
Short Form Wedding
Although there is no official standard, the generally accepted rule of thumb for a short form is between 10-45 minutes in length. The first thing you will probably notice when viewing a film is that events don’t always occur in chronological order. That’s not to say, however, that it doesn’t flow. In fact most times it can have a very concise flow. The reason being is that couples trust the videographers creative instincts, which in turn allows us to tell a more compelling story by shifting around certain moments. This is known as “time-shifting.” Normally the different elements of the day are connected by speeches, sound bites or vows from the ceremony, together they tell a compete story.
Instagram Videos
Since the rise in popularity of mobile phones and social media apps, especially Instagrams popularity there has been an increase in much shorter wedding videos. The typical length of an Instagram video is 15 seconds to 60 seconds for the Instagram feed. You can also upload longer videos too to IGTV.
Drone shots
Drones have become more common at weddings which has seen a surge in Aerial photography and videography.

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