With persistent and avant-garde experiments, the world of weddings has been steadily thriving and altering. It’s not unusual to come across with fresh and novel ideas, inventions and trend marking the current wedding scenes. Choices make the work significant and risks add originality and life to each and every portrait by making history for the others for generations to come.

Wedding Photography is an art by which a photographer amass your unforgettable instants for a lifetime. Life invites you abundant gifts of expressing your inner bliss, it helps you to create prosperity that reflects your value, offers the love you deserve and the support you gain, the resources and opportunities you need to thrive. Life, on the one hand, is capturing wonderful and romantic wedding memories of those special moments which allow you to smile when you look back to them!

Outdoor Photo shoot in Lahore

We provide an opportunity for a couple to celebrate their precious moment at a gorgeous location far away from home, to celebrate candid moments. Wedding is an event flooded with lots of memories, and every couple wishes to capture these candid moments on & off the screen. To spice up the wedding photoshoot, we are holding the top wedding outdoor wedding location in Lahore for the couples to add novelty and grandeur to their big day!
Lahore is a place with a diverse culture and historical background. Cam studio is there to dredge up top locations to glorify your outdoor shoot in Lahore. Heritage, class, royalty three things come with Lahore,” A place for an exotic taste and exotic people”. We come with taste, belief and fulfillment of our clients. Every single second carries much charm and special power in it

1-Badshahi Mosque

As magnificent and grand as your love, one of the top wedding outdoor location for the couple shoot in your own city Lahore (center of extreme diversity and civilizations). Its celebrity most spotted place for Nikkah ceremony. It is a place which brings sumptuousness and romance in your pictures hard to find anywhere. When the heart beating with the same romantic pulse, bride and groom share their chemistry at this exotic place which is breathtaking and undoubtedly among the best spot for shoots in Lahore as exemplifying the magnificence and splendor of the Mughal era. We invite the couples with professional and advanced skills to cover this shoot with a traditional and ethnic ambiance which glorify each and every portrait of the wedding couple shoot.
Couple should know before planning Outdoor photoshoot in Badshahi Mosque

Couple must be aware of charges and booking permit before the wedding shoots. At Badshahi Mosque there are:

No charges, you just need to get registration for Nikkah.
Only one person is allowed by one side. Like you can take with you only a photographer or videographer.
They will provide you a photographer card that help him/her to enter with a camera.

2-Lahore Fort

Frequently chosen by celebrities for weddings shoots, the Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) is best for a pre-wedding & post-wedding photo shoot. The charm of this place perfectly complements modern love, making it one of the hottest destinations in Lahore for couples who want a royal photo shoot. It is a traditional and royal place which gives a royal touch to your shoot. Just feel like king and queen it takes you back to the Mughal era if you want to give Mughal effect in your wedding shoot pictures.
Couple should know before planning Outdoor photoshoot in Lahore Fort

Photo shot is not allowed you need to get permission for the shoot. 10,000 is being charged for the shoot.
You need an Appointment before shoot
You can contact via http://walledcitylahore.gop.pk/contact-us/

3-Grand Jamia Masjid

Grand Jamia Masjid is a dream come true for couples who want a mix of opulent charm, love, and grandeur in their pre-wedding moments. Needless to say, the majestic architecture of the Mosque will highlight your personality and in an overall way, will offer you the dreamy romantic photo session you had always wished for. It is a place which gives universality and divine spark to each and every portrait with a long-lasting impact.

Bahria Town Masjid is also splendid and exclusive import for the couple shoot because of its catchy site and grand location. Couples venture at this place for the best photoshoot to be their precious memories in the camera lens. You need to get permission before you finalize the spot for a wedding shoot.
Bahria Town Mosque Nekah Information

You can call between 09: AM TO 05:00 PM AT

Registration call at 0300-9410041
Phone: +92 300 4402137
Phone: +92 321 4967599

4-Shalimar Garden

It is a one of the lush green and natural place for the couple shots which beautifully highlights the romantic angle to the shot and brings forth its real charm in the camera lens. Capture love in its purest form as you take a ride into the backwaters Shalimar garden and indulge in the most amazing pre-wedding photo shoot of your life.
As we go to a location with wedding shoot perspective, having with broad canal and traditional fountain waterfall, ponds remind you to take flight into fantasy and imaginary world, help you to fall in love with this place for your most exciting life event there. Lahore is a place bunch of breathtaking places for a wedding shoot. It is one of the best historical places with spectacular beauty and splendour.
We always love to bring ease to our couples by launching and introducing new spots and services to take their decision with a cool mind and heart with affinity.

5-Bahria Town Eiffel Tower

Bahria Town Eiffel Tower is a symbol of love and romance in Lahore for the visitors as well as couples to catch their precious memories at this place out there. Every couple dream of capturing these moments as the most serene place far away from home into Europe and USA but it is too expensive. Bahria Town Eiffel Tower is there to provide you nearby destination for the union of the couples. Nowadays it is a big place for couple shoots. We provide you to the best professional services with the tireless team to help you to produce a genuine expression on your big day!

6-Baghe Jinnah

If you’re looking to bring out everything bright and beautiful in your relationship, then Baghe Jinnah is one of the best locations in Lahore for wedding shoots. Perfect for both day and night shoots; this palace has a magical aura around it that certainly shows when you look through the camera lens.
Everyone can feel a lot of calm and soothing ambiance over here. It is a decent location for your wedding photo shoot and you can have and finalize it for your photo shoot processing.
It is necessary for the couples to get permission to a shoot at Baghe-e-Jinnah.
Call at: Phone: (042) 99201201

7-Aitcheson College

Aitcheson College is a landmark and one of the oldest & diverse places in Lahore. It is the most beautiful place full of lush green parks, notable building ideal place for couple shoots.

8-Cuckoo’s Den

Cuckoo’s Den is one of the unique, divers and historical place into the walled city of Lahore.it is a place with the bland of low and high heels takes you to the fantasy world by connecting to the nature and rich history of the place as well city. It opens new vistas of thoughts and allows you to go with creativity and joy of ecstasy. Cuckoo’s Den is an exciting place for the couple to shoot and loot their choicest memories!

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