Top Walima Decor Trends To Go Crazy Over

//Top Walima Decor Trends To Go Crazy Over

Top Walima Decor Trends To Go Crazy Over

After several functions going on, enjoying and sharing beautiful moments and days together, walima sums up everything. The reception dinner, which is the last function after which everything comes to an end seemingly, but it can be said as an end to new beginnings. Setting up arrangements for the reception dinner, the food, the wedding decor must be perfect. Its 2019 and people are asking and looking for something unique and trendy.

Pink And Gold Theme Lightening Up The Whole Place

Arranging everything out doors has become a trend as it provides you with natural scenic beauty. As the sun sets, the whole place starts to glow with golden lights and the setting should be such that attracts the crowd.

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Red Roses For A Dreamy Wedding Photography

If you are fond of floral arrangement, then what could be the best option other than red roses to make your reception look magical and wedding photography marvelous? By setting the flowers aesthetically along with perfumed candles or by hanging them like chandeliers will look fabulous as flowers never go out of style.

Less Is More

We often hear the phrase; there’s beauty in simplicity. And how wonderful it would to have a simple yet elegant wedding arrangement consisting of flowers, drapes and lights as the golden rays of sun fall on the ground making everything look enchanting.

Mesmerizing Bridal Looks For Reception

As baraat demands for heavy bride makeup, dress and jewelry, the look for reception should be simple yet elegant and sophisticated. Because there is always be a couple shoot by best wedding photographers to capture the most important day for whole life. Here are some looks which you can achieve and slay your day.

The Soft Bride

You can look heavenly by creating a soft makeup look matching with your dress along with pink nail paint that will elevate the whole look. In addition, let down your hair loose, try not to create a tough hairstyle. Adding a teeka and earings on with setting dupatta sets you ready to head out to the stage.

The Pink Look

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Who doesn’t love pink? And the reception would be the perfect day to wear pink! Complimenting it with silver would look great along with your hair tied to the back with some volume. Moreover, to make everything look attractive, green emerald jewelry will complete your look.

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Shine Your Way Through

Mostly, the reception dinner calls for soft pastel colors. Another look you can achieve is by wearing an ivory color contrasting it with blue which would be unique combination. Curling up your hair and letting them loose to the front will look great and silver jewelry will make it look even more eye catching.

Groom Walima Dress

The groom also has to make efforts and go in search for the perfect suit he can wear to look like a gentleman for his big day. Mostly, men wear suits on reception, creating the third look for the day.

Bow And Suit

You can pull off your look by wearing a maroon colored suit with a black bow with your hair jelled back and black formal boots.

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Some Flowers For The Bride, Eh?

Add up some fun to your whole outfit guys. Don’t only wear a basic suit and tie but make it interesting by wearing a bright color and adding adornments to it.

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Reception Entry Ideas!

Make A Sparkling Entry

Wow! Just by looking at this picture, makes me so overwhelmed, so you imagine walking down the hallway with your partner! How amazing and magical it would be. The moment the bride and groom will enter, the whole place will light up.

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The Magical Moon Entry

Make your reception entrance worth the watch and unique by making an entrance through a moon like setting which will look totally mesmerizing.

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Scooter Entry

Make a grand entry in your wedding with your partner on a bike or a scooter. The whole crowd will have their eyes on you as if celebrities are making an entrance!

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Grand Couple Entry in Eagle

Enter in your wedding in such a way which you will remember for the rest of your lives. Make an entry through the eagle throne concept with lights sparkling all over.

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